Do you take insurance?

No. JWCC is a private pay mental health office. JWCC took BC/BS for a very limited amount of time; however, we lose confidentiality and privacy aspects by taking insurance. The insurance companies get access to your private health records and begin dictating treatment. In addition, insurance companies demand a diagnosis of illness to cover therapy; which is the medical model of care. This means your insurance only covers if it s "medically necessary." There are a few more reasons why I don't take insurance but this is hte primary one. 

Can I still use my insurance if I file the claim myself?

If your insurance covers mental health then yes. You can sign a release of information with JWCC office and the JWCC office can provide you a superbill at the end of each month for you to file your own claim with your insurance. 

What are your rates if you don't take insurance?

I will be happy to have that conversation with you. Please call the office.  JWCC has a

commitment to work with people with services and even provides recommendations/referrals if not a good fit due to financial reasons. 

What groups are you offering?

Currently at this time, JWCC does not have any active groups. Jackie does not wish to overextend herself as she is busy working on completing her dissertation to obtain her PhD. Any groups that will be running will be updated on the website or emailed to you if you sign up for updates with JWCC.