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JWCC is happy to announce that we offer mental health services-online!

We are proud to use 


So…What is Telehealth?


Journey of Wellness Counseling & Consulting is a telehealth office who provides services via telehealth for psychotherapy sessions.  These capabilities allow us to improve access to affordable mental health care within the comfort of your location.  We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible care with minimal interruptions.


Telehealth counseling is also called online counseling, telemedicine or distance counseling. Telehealth counseling is conducted via videoconference or telephone in lieu of face to face in office counseling.  It is confidential and HIPAA secure using a videoconferencing platform specifically designed for therapy. 


Many people prefer telehealth counseling because it is in general less expensive than traditional therapy, saves time by not having to commute, and can be done in the privacy of your location.  Telephone sessions are an option at times, speak to your clinician for more details.


Here is what you will need to meet with a JWCC therapist using video therapy

~A computer or tablet with a microphone and camera

~Internet speed of at least 1 megabit per second (mbps)

~A secure internet connection (public WiFi is not recommended due to lack of privacy)

~A private space (preferably a room with a door) without family members or other distractions.

~Proper lighting in front of your face is preferred

The therapist will email you their link the day of each session. You can also access the telehealth waiting room via the above link on this page, as well as on the home page. 


For telephone sessions


~A private space (no family members or other distractions)

~A telephone that you are comfortable using and has good sound quality)


**Helpful tip: Using headphones/earbuds with a microphone may help minimize what other people nearby can hear.




At Journey of Wellness Counseling & Consulting, we value your confidentiality.  To ensure your privacy, your therapist will connect with you from a space where they can reasonably ensure confidentiality and lack of interruption.  Your therapist may use headphones and/or a sound machine to enhance your privacy.


For security, confidentiality, and privacy, your JWCC therapist will verify your identity at the first visit with your driver’s license, other state, or federal issued ID to confirm your identity.  Yes, Tribal IDs & Passports will be utilized as they are considered federal ids!

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